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28 May 2023

Publishers and Editors refusing to sign up to Conservative Party Conference in ‘draconian’ fees row


A row has broken out between the Press and the Conservative Party over plans to charge for media attendance at the governing party’s annual conference.

National, regional and international newsrooms are refusing to sign up to the Conservative Party’s Autumn Conference following the decision by the party to implement a fee for reporting on the event. 

Editors regard the fee as draconian and counter to the Conservative party’s claim to be a defender of press freedom.

The decision, which has caused deep concern among a broad coalition of industry bodies including the News Media Association, Society of Editors, News Media Coalition and Foreign Press Association, comes ahead of the party’s upcoming conference to be held in Manchester in the first week of October. 

The impasse follows a breakdown in communication after last year’s conference where the charges were first introduced. No other political party in the UK charges for press accreditation. 

Normally hundreds of members of the Press attend.

Industry representatives have challenged the fees, charged at £137 for each journalist’s application, on the basis that any fee for media attendance at party conferences – regardless of the political party – sets a deeply concerning precedent in a democratic society. The decision by newsrooms to withhold booking for the event is also being supported by the Press Gallery of Westminster political correspondents.

In a joint statement today (Sunday, 28th May, 2023), the coalition of industry bodies said: ‘For more than a year, we have been seeking discussion with the Conservative Party to review these charges, as promised. This was to find an alternative solution to supposed concerns which the party seeks to address by charging the media for attendance – a decision which we are united in viewing as undemocratic and detrimental to the interests of society and the Party itself.’

The joint statement added: ‘In a democratic society, all party conferences are of considerable political and public importance and, as such, there should be no charging barrier for journalists to be able to act as the eyes and ears of the public by freely reporting at such events.  Through objective journalism, the conference also provides a window for the global community to see UK democracy in action.’

Only last week (18/05/23), Lucy Frazer, Secretary of State for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) trumpeted the way she said the government supports and champions press freedom at home and around the world. She told a major conference that growing Press Freedom was a priority of the UK government. ‘If we want a thriving media sector in the future - our focus has to be on a free press and a press that is free to grow,’ she said. ‘As a government we are taking steps to increase press freedoms and make sure journalists can do their jobs effectively,’ Frazer stressed when  speaking to delegates at the Enders Media & Telecoms Conference.

The Conservative Campaign Headquarters has stated previously that the fee is to cover admin costs which have risen because, it says, the party receives numerous Press pass applications from journalists who do not then attend. 

In addressing this, the coalition of media organisation’s statement adds: ‘The issue of so-called no-shows is a factor experienced by all popular events of Press interest often due to changing daily news agendas. We have offered alternative ways to reduce the impact and cost of speculative applications, which have fallen on deaf ears. To live up to the Conservative Government's mantra on press freedom, the accreditation fee for attending the conference must be scrapped'.



Statement Issued on Behalf of:

News Media Association (NMA)

News Media Coalition (NMC)

Society of Editors (SoE)

Foreign Press Association (FPA)







24 February 2022

The FPA is a little like the UN of journalists. It is based in London but welcomes hundreds of correspondents from all over the world and it is only natural that, as we watch events unfold in Ukraine, our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent people in that country and with the many colleagues working to make sure that reliable and accurate reporting of this act of war reaches every corner of the world.

Many of our members will be covering the ways the UK is responding to the Russian attacks, and many others will be covering the invasion on the ground in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries. Please stay safe and continue with your fearless work. These are the times when truthful, rigorous, fact-based journalism is crucial. And these are the values the FPA has always upheld and in which we believe in, especially now at this crucial moment in history.

5 June 2020

The FPA condemns the unacceptable attacks on foreign journalists which took place here in London and are becoming alarmingly widespread all over the world.


We stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with all media colleagues affected, including our colleagues from Nine News Europe desk.




30 October 2018

On the day of Jamal Khashoggi's Memorial in London, the Foreign Press Association wishes to voice its strong concern about the increased number of threats, attacks and murders of journalists throughout the world.


In areas where there are conflicts or high levels of corruption and crime, the threat to journalists is well known. Now we are also witnessing targeted attacks and killings in Europe. 


As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we ask that responsible and fact-based journalism and press freedom be respected and supported. Not silenced. The media are not "enemies of the people". 

We also ask that the perpetrators of the murders in Malta of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Jamal Kashoggi in Turkey, journalists in Mexico, Afghanistan, Bulgaria and across the world be held to account and brought to justice. 

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