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The FPA organises Press Trips on a regular basis, to visit parts of the UK where global news stories are developing.


In 2023 we were guests of a Sultanate of Oman and were given access to discuss topics ranging from Politics, Economy and Culture with Ministers and Business representatives. In 2018, we went to Liverpool for the launch of the Beatles in India exhibition and to Northern Ireland, ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement (10th April 2018). Many more such visits are being scheduled.

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The Foreign Press Association in London visited the Sultanate of Oman on a press trip that took us to the countrie's most breath taking historical and cultural sites.

Crucially we sat down with the Omani Goverment's high rank ministers and discussed key topics like peace in the Middle East.


We discovered how, with the ambition to modernise the Sultanate, they employ technology to showcase their heritage and to boost democracy at the Parliament elections (The Shura). 


In our film you will be mesmerised by the enchanting nature and views the country has to offer. And by the smile you will see on the Omani's faces. 

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