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We are the first and oldest association of foreign journalists in the world, founded in 1888

All major international news outlets are represented, from print to radio, from TV to web

We provide access and accreditation to a wide variety of events in London

and the UK

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the FPA continues to support the work of foreign correspondents reporting from London and the UK.

As gatekeepers of the UK Press Cards scheme, we continue to issue press cards as usual and we are constantly working to secure access to government briefings for our members (see below).



Here is a selection of pictures from our most recent (online) press briefings and book presentations. To see all, click here.

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The FPA works closely with the Royal Palaces and the DCMS (Department of Culture, Media and Sport) as one of the official accrediting bodies for all major

Royal events, including weddings, births and christenings, as well as Buckingham Palace Garden Parties.




Daniel Faitaua


New Zealand

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Deborah Bonetti

Il Giorno - QN


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Katie Cross

Memberships and


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The FPA is a not-for-profit Friendly Society.


As a member of the UK Press Card Authority, it provides official journalistic accreditation to more than 2,500 international correspondents every year. A UK Press Card is key to being able to have access to government briefings and no10 filming.

All media can join: from print and news agencies to broadcast and digital. Freelancers are welcome in all categories. To see who our members are, click here.

The FPA is the only association that can provide foreign journalists with access to Parliament.

If you are a member and you are interested in attending, please click here.


Throughout the year, the FPA holds a wide-ranging programme of briefings, facilitating access to Government Departments, Whitehall, the City's financial district and Royal events. It is an Observer on the National Committee for the Safety of Journalists (DCMS).

The FPA chairs Foreign Lobby briefings with Number 10 Downing Street, the Foreign Office (FCDO) and others, through our Director, Deborah Bonetti.

We also organise book presentations, political and current affairs briefings, conferences with key figures etc.

We are open to working with other organisations, embassies, PR agencies, government departments, etc. to organise briefings and events on various topics.

To contact us with a proposal, please click here

The FPA Confidential  is our weekly newsletter that goes out first thing every Friday morning with a list of upcoming events. It s edited by our Director, who has final say on what makes the cut. If you have an event that you'd like to be featured in the FPA Confidential, please send it by (any) Thursday 12noon to briefings@fpalondon.org.

You can send all materials in English.

Please note that we DO NOT give out details of our members and we do not circulate press releases.

To contact the FPA, click here

Data Protection Notice - GDPR compliance, click here

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FPA HQ - Registered address:

8, St James's Square, London SW1Y 4JU



tel. (+44) 020 - 7792 4565