Candidates for the Committee 

FPA Rules state that all Full Members of the Association are entitled to vote for as many candidates as there are committee positions to be filled. In this case, this means a maximum of 4 votes each. You may only vote once for each candidate and you don't have to use all your votes. You may just vote for 1 or 2 people, it's up to you.

Choose your main candidate by clicking on the "Vote for" box under their photo, and add the other 3 names (or fewer) in the body of the email.

There are 7 candidates for 4 places in total, and they have been listed in 

alphabetical order here below.

All votes are secret and will be counted at the AGM on 3 December.

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Correspondent, CNBC Class - Italy

I would love to serve on the FPA Committee in order to be part of the one association that most embodies who I am: I always dreamed to be a journalist, since I was a child.

I started writing for local newspapers when I was 16 and then started my career as a TV Presenter soon after graduation at La Sapienza University in Rome.

I worked in New York, London and Milan for Broadcasters like CNN, Bloomberg and CNBC.

I’ve been the London correspondent for Class Cnbc, the Italian speaking channel of CNBC, for over 15 years.

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Bureau Chief, The Asahi Shimbun -  Japan

Treasurer of the FPA

At this most crucial time for the press - what with Brexit, the rise of populism and the ongoing challenges that we all face as journalists in this difficult climate of fake news and  attacks on the integrity of our profession -  I would like to continue to be a part of the fight to keep the voice of the foreign media heard at all levels.

Also, in my capacity as Treasurer I intend to keep up the work of ensuring that the FPA goes forward financially on a solid and sustainable footing.



Bureau Chief, RTR (Russian TV & Radio) - Russia

I have always cherished my relationship with the FPA, keeping in mind its importance for all of us journalists posted to London from different parts of the world. I hope to contribute with my experience of reporting from the UK and to bring some ideas on how to help foreign journalists adapt to work in this country in these challenging but very exciting (from the journalistic point of view) times. Also I would be happy to introduce my colleagues to all the aspects of Russian cultural, social and political life that would be of interest to them! 



Writer and Commentator, Die Zeit - Germany

Treasurer of the FPA


As former President of the FPA and now Honorary Treasurer for the last 2 years, I would like to continue to work for the Association, which has recently come through a difficult and stormy period of major change. The FPA is currently in a good situation and I would like to make sure it continues to be financially solid.

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Freelance, Australian Media - Australia

Vice President of the FPA


I hope very much to continue to serve on the FPA Committee. I have been very involved in the FPA Media Awards each year, and am currently Chair of the Judges for the second year running. I am proud to have spearheaded this year’s move to increase FPA Member-only awards categories from 1 to 3, giving greater scope to recognise the wonderful journalism done by you, the members. We have streamlined the rules for entries, and overseen continued growth in the Awards, helping to give greater exposure to your inspiring work. 



Correspondent, Telecinco (Mediaset) - Spain


I know that my colleagues have been working hard in the past to make the FPA work for all of us. Now I want to do my bit. I want to continue their great work but also build on it: enabling all of us during Brexit to use our joint professional clout to gain access to the decision-makers of this country.

I came to London 16 years ago on a scholarship to study an MA at SOAS and since then have worked for many Spanish news organisations. I have also helped set up the Latin American programme of The Rory Peck Awards, which helps freelancers around the world. 

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Freelance, Il Fatto Quotidiano - Italy

A professional journalist since 2004, I have been reporting for RAI, SKY ITALIA and LA7, covering current affairs and investigations in Italy until 2011. I am now the Uk Contributor for the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano and the media magazine Prima Comunicazione.

Recently I started volunteering for the FPA, providing ideas and support around briefings, and in the nine months since joining I have seen it greatly expand its members' list along with the range and quality of events.

Bursting with ideas, I am now eager to commit to a more rounded and consistent contribution by joining the Committee.